Debating Darwin

( RTE Radio series )

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Audience: Public

Date: Fridays 8.30pm March / April 2009

 RTÉ Radio 1, Friday, 8.30pm

A new six-part series about how Darwin's ideas have survived into the 21st century. Of the great 19th century thinkers including Marx and Freud only Darwin seems to have grown in stature and importance into the 21st century.

However Darwin's ideas have been controversial ever since they were first published in the mid 19th century. Most people have a vague idea of what his ideas are, survival of the fittest (not a phrase that Darwin used) and so on. But Darwin's theory of evolution was complicated.

In this series Damien Walsh explores how Darwin's ideas have survived and developed into the 21st century.

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Programme details

Last Programme

Programme 6:     15 May 2009

Whether evolution can tell us what it means to be human?


Previous programmes

Programme 1: 27 March 2009

Examines Darwin's original theory and the debates that have emerged about how his ideas have worked out in nature. (First broadcast 30 March 2006)


Programme 2: 3 April 2009

Intelligent Design, a serious challenge to Darwin's ideas or just a restatement of religious belief. (First broadcast 6th April 2006)


SERIES 2 Programme 1: 10 April 2009

How evolution was corrupted from a biological theory into a social theory called Social Darwinism.

Programme 2: 17 April 2009

Eugenics as pseudo-scientific war against the weak

Programme 3: 24 April 2009

The challenges to Darwinian Theory from its inception to the rise of the Genes eye view of evolution in the 1960s.

Programme 4: 01 May 2009

The re-emergence of the study of the biology of human nature

Programme 5:

Evolutionary psychology and the uncomfortable examination of human nature

Programme 6:

Whether evolution can tell us what it means to be human?