“Charles Darwin and Ireland ” by Dr. Miguel DeArce,

( UCC Plant Research Platform Seminar 2009 )

Location: G19 Kane Building UCC

( Cork )

Audience: Public

Date: Thursday 12 th March 7pm


UCC Plant Research Platform Seminar 2009 

Darwin 200 Invited Public Lecture

Thursday 12th March 7.00-8.30  pm    Venue: G19 Kane Building

 “Charles Darwin and Ireland ”  by Dr. Miguel DeArce, Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin

 Searches of Darwin's correspondence show that some 160 letters crossed between him and naturalists and others with an Irish address. The 90 min talk by Dr. DeArce will include a brief biography of Darwin highlighting reactions to the publication of "The Origin  of the Species"  from Irish contemporaries of the great naturalist, such as  the physicist  Henry Hennessy,  

Fr Jeremiah Murphy from  Macroom,  and, some years  later, Daniel J. Cunningham.

Dr. Miguel DeArce has been working in medical genetics for over 25 years, and is currently writing a book on the subject of Darwin’s Irish correspondences. Miguel is  researching topics such as the history of evolutionary ideas, Darwin, Darwinism, Reception of Darwinism in Ireland, Science and Religion debates.

All are welcome to attend this lecture.  

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