BBC Darwin Programme launched

Location: BBC TV & Radio

Audience: All

Date: Throughout 2009

The BBC announced their Darwin 200 schedule at a launch in Chelsea on 20th January attended by Eoin Gill of Darwin200 Ireland.
A range of exciting programmes will be broadcast through the year including a major new series from David Attenborough. The first group of programmes will be broadcast Jan - April to coincide with Darwin's 200th Birthday while another group of programmes will commence in Autumn to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Origin of Species in November.

Starting January 26th 9 pm BBC4

What Darwin Didnt Know - Biologist Armand Leroi explores the evolution of evolution theory in the 150 years since Darwin.

Starting 27th January 9.30 pm BBC Radio 4

Darwin My Ancestor - Writer Ruth Padel's personal journey looking at the genius of her great-great-grandfather.

1st February 9 pm BBC 1

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life - David Attenborough, a passionate Darwinian, shares his personal views on Darwin's theory.

See BBC special Darwin website here