Darwin 200 Dinner

( Humanist Association of Northern Ireland )

Location: Malone Lodge Hotel

( Eglantine Avenue, Belfast )

Audience: Public

Date: Friday, 13th February 2009, 7 30 for 8 pm

Contact: Brian McClinton, brianmcclinton@btinternet.com


Darwin and Markets: Theory and Dogma

The Speaker is:

Dr. Keith Farnsworth, Lecturer in Theoretical and Applied Ecology, School of Biological Sciences, Queen's University Belfast.

Darwin and Wallace developed the theory of evolution by natural selection to explain biological diversity whilst Walras and Jevons simultaneously developed the theory of neo-classical economics to explain human behaviour. Dr. Farnsworth will contrast these two ideas in terms of their scientific strength, public reception, effects on society, our thinking and the lives we live and on the future prospects for harmonious survival. He will also respond to 'religious Right' criticism of evolutionary theory by considering the ethical consequences of both evolution and neo-classical economics; the latter being enthusiastically embraced by religious critics of evolution leading him to speculate on why the 'religious Right' devotes so much effort to criticising the theory of evolution by natural selection.